Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
13:30 14:00 LJUBLJANA
14:20 14:20 VIENNA
14:45 14:45 BELGRADE
15:45 15:45 ZAGREB
17:00 17:00 ISTANBUL PC293
20:15 20:15 ISTANBUL TK1025
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Oct '17

Simulation of a hostage crisis at Sarajevo International Airport

A demonstrative military exercise called „Quick response 2017“ is being in progress at Sarajevo International Airport.  On second day...


Oct '17

Start of demonstrative exercise “Quick Response 2017“ at Sarajevo International Airport

Demonstrative army exercise "Quick Response 2017" has today started at Sarajevo International Airport. First day was held a simulation of terrorist st...


Oct '17

One of the biggest aircraft in the world landed at Sarajevo International Airport

One of the biggest military aircraft, Antonov 124, landed at Sarajevo International Airport.  It transported a large number of vehicles and equip...

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