Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
08:05 08:05 ISTANBUL TK1021
08:25 08:25 COLOGNE 4U492
10:40 10:40 ISTANBUL PC731
12:35 12:35 MUNICH
13:05 13:05 ISTANBUL TK1023
14:20 14:20 VIENNA
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Oct '16

Information on the exercise “Air crash at Sarajevo International Airport”

  We hereby inform you that on Wednesday, 26.10.2016, from 09:00 to 10:00 o'clock, will be held the exercise “Air crash at Sarajevo Intern...


Oct '16

Croatia Airlines and Sarajevo International Airport marked the 20th anniversary of successful cooperation

Today at Sarajevo International Airport Croatia Airlines, Croatian Carrier and Star Alliance member marked the 20th anniversary of continuous operatio...

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