Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
08:15 08:15   BEOGRAD
08:30 08:20   ISTANBUL TK 1021
11:40 11:40   ISTANBUL PC 729  
12:45 12:45   MUNICH  
13:00 13:00   DUBAI FZ 761  
14:10 14:10   VIENNA  
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Feb '15

Ambassador of the Republic of France in Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Sarajevo International Airport

The Ambassador of France in BiH, H.E. Claire Bodonyi, visited Sarajevo International Airport yesterday. During her first working visit, the Ambassado...


Feb '15

The first generation of EOQ managers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In December 2014, the Center for development and quality „Oscar Quality“, organized training for the first generation of EOQ risk managers...


Feb '15

Visit of the State Commission delegates for welcome of the Wholy Father the Pope Francis

Sarajevo International Airport was today visited by the State Commission delegates established for welcome of the Wholy Father the Pope Francis. The c...

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