Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
08:30 08:30   ISTANBUL TK 1021  
09:35 09:35   STOCKHOLM DY 4343  
11:15 11:15   ISTANBUL PC 729  
12:25 12:25   STUTTGART 4U 2496  
12:35 12:35   DUBAI FZ 761  
12:50 12:50   MUNICH  
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Feb '16

Landing and take-off minimums at Sarajevo Airport

At BHANSA head office in Mostar on Friday was held a meeting attended by representatives of the US Embassy, Sarajevo International Airport and BHANSA....


Feb '16

Canadian Consul Visiting Sarajevo International Airport

The Canadian consul, H.E. Ms Andrea Kostashuk and Mr Peter Weissenhofer, senior consular official for BiH, visited yesterday the acting director of Sa...


Feb '16

Arrival of ICAO experts to BiH

From February 11-18, 2016 experts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will be in official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Purpose...

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