Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
07:30 07:30   ANTALYA BRJ 9330  
07:55 07:55   ISTANBUL TK 1021  
10:40 10:40   ISTANBUL PC 729  
12:25 12:25   MUNICH  
12:55 12:55   DUBAI FZ 8761  
13:50 13:50   GENEVE LX 1406  
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Aug '15

Employess of the Sarajevo International Airport visited Natural History Museum

Employees of the Sarajevo International Airport, being present yesterday at the Natural history museum, made a contribution to the drive „I am a...


Aug '15

Air traffic at Sarajevo International Airport continued to grow in July of the current year, too.

Through July there were 89.319 passengers at Sarajevo International Airport, what makes the increase of 19% in comparation with the same period last y...


Jul '15

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