Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
07:45 07:45   KOELN 4U 492  
07:55 07:55   ISTANBUL TK 1021  
10:40 10:40   ISTANBUL PC 729  
12:25 12:25   MUNICH  
13:10 13:10   DUBAI FZ 761  
14:25 14:25   VIENNA  
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Jul '15

Sarajevo International Airport has been recording positive business results in first six months of the current year

Years-long trend of successful business of the P.C. Sarajevo International Airport LLC has continued through the first six months 2015, too. In the f...


Jul '15

Letters of thanks presented for organization of welcome given to the Pope Francis

In the BiH Presidency yesterday evening was organized a reception at which the member of the Presidency, Mr. Dragan Čović and Bosnian archbishop car...


Jun '15

Cardinal Vinko Puljić received Mr. Ivica Veličan, director of Sarajevo International Airport

On Wednesday, 24 June 2015, Bosnian Archbishop Metropolitan, the Cardinal Vinko Puljić, received Mr Ivica Veličan, director of Sarajevo Internationa...

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