Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
07:20 07:20 ANTALYA TK4120
08:05 08:05 ISTANBUL TK1021
08:25 08:25 BELGRADE
09:45 09:45 COLOGNE 4U492
10:30 10:30 ISTANBUL PC291
11:10 11:10 BUDAPEST W62237
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Jul '17

Wataniya Airways connected Sarajevo and Kuwait City

Wataniya Airways' aircraft has landed today at Sarajevo International Airport for the first time, introducing a new air service between the capitals o...


Jul '17

Sarajevo International Airport joins marking the sad anniversary of Srebrenica genocide

Sarajevo International Airport follows the example of numerous institutions, both in the country and worldwide, that mark the anniversary of the genoc...


Jul '17

Sarajevo International Airport as an example of a public company where ISO standards have successfully been implemented

Representatives of Elektroprivreda BiH visited Sarajevo International Airport today in order to discuss mutual experience in respect of implementation...

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