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What to do if your luggage is lost?


If you are a frequent flyer, you have probably experienced that unpleasant anger you feel each time you stare at the conveyor belt, hopping nervously and looking enviously at a fellow passenger who has already picked up his luggage. A number of bags on the conveyor is getting less, the crowd around the belt is leaving and you desperately face the fact that your luggage is lost. If you are of bad luck, one voyage is more than enough to experience something like that. 
You wonder what to do. 
Regardless of the airport where this has happened or the airline you were aboard, your first step should be to go to the airport’s Lost & Found office. Look for the sign LL which is usually used for lost and found luggage. 
At Sarajevo International Airport the Lost & Found office is located in Terminal building, visibly marked and easy to find. After you leave the luggage claim area and pass Customs control, you will see the office. 
Working hours of Lost & Found office have been adjusted to the opening hours of the Airport. 
Time for picking up the luggage is limited:
08:00 - 11.00
17:30 - 20:00

The Lost & Found office at Sarajevo Airport is equipped with an exceptionally sophisticated computer system for tracing the lost baggage (WORLD TRACER), run by well trained and kind staff. 
It is also useful to know that this is the place where arrive not only the bags lost during flights but all the other items forgotten within the airport facilities (for example, screening point at the entrance to the Terminal (which does not include screening performed by the police at gates), restaurant, toilette, waiting rooms, etc.), as well as the stuff forgotten in aircraft. Once your luggage has been found, you can arrange with the personnel how to pick it up.

All the information are available at:
Phone # +387 33 289 105
Fax # +387 33 289 127


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Notice board

Prepare liquids for security control- Which liquids can I take on my flight as hand luggage


Starting 31 January 2014


Duty free in a sealed security bag

The item and the receipt must remain sealed inside the security bag provided at the time of purchase




Liquids in containers of 100ml or less

packed in a single, transparent, re-sealable 1-litre plastic bag



Medicines and special dietary products e.g. baby food





All other liquids must be placed in your checked (hold) luggage


If in doubt ask your airport, airline or retailer in advance of travelling for further information





Further information on liquids, aerosols and gels

Only certain liquids may be carried as hand luggage and they must be presented at security.


The rules below apply to all liquids, aerosols, gels, pastes, lotions, foams, creams, jams, liquid/solid mixtures and other items of similar consistency.




Travelling with duty free liquids:


- Starting 31st January 2014, duty free liquids purchased from any airport or airline may be carried as hand luggage


- Your duty free liquid and receipt must be sealed at the time of purchase inside a security bag with a red border

- Do not open the security bag until you arrive at your final destination


- The security officer may need to open the security bag for screening. In case you have a connecting flight at another airport, please alert the security officer so your duty free liquids may be re-sealed in a new security bag




Travelling with other liquids, aerosols and gels:


- ALLOWED: Liquids in containers of 100ml or less packed in a single transparent, re-sealable 1-litre plastic bag (see image)


- ALLOWED: Medicines & special dietary products, such as baby food, vital for the trip. You may be asked for proof of authenticity


- NOT ALLOWED: All other liquids, aerosols and gels should be placed in your checked (hold) luggage




At the airport:


Present your liquids separately from other hand luggage for screening at security


Exceptionally, security may open bottles or containers for screening


Exceptionally and solely for security reasons, liquids may not be permitted


Sarajevo International Airport in service of environmental protection


 P.C. "Sarajevo" International Airport LLC Sarajevo records increase of air traffic which has some impacts on the environment. In order to prevent damages the Airport implements environmetnal protection policies and builds up environmental management system. According to the international standards and regulations, environmental management policy implies sustained planning, testing and evaluating of efficacity of all the activities being taken to protect human environment.

Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions and prompt reporting on pollutions, waste and energy sources consumption, together with using the best available information and technologies, make the environmental management more efficacious.

Main goals of sustaining the environmental management system are as follows:

- Cutting down negative impacts on the environment;

- Cutting down the risk of ecological incidents;

- Cutting down the costs through preservation of raw materials and energy;

- Increased performance of prompt and efficacious interventions;

- Improving the reputation in local community and earning trust in the local community;

- Competitive advantage;

- Legal security due to compliance with the Law on environmental protection;

- Inquiring about possibilities to be given authorities and approvals from local and state institutions, as well as various funds;

- Improving thereputation of the Company;

- Better utilization of energy sources and protection of waters, carefull choosing of raw materials and controlled drive of waste for recycling;

- Reduction of financial burden caused by reactive management strategies like repair, cleaning, payment of fines for breach of law;

- Reduction of risks for fines and possible court trials;

- Improved conditions of working environment.


Lasting improvement of the environmental management system is achieved through preparation of relevant programs, provision of resources and timely reporting on the status of their implementation.

In preparation of the programs it is especially important to identify all activities to be taken in compliance with legal requirements and to monitor systematically the changes that could have some impacts on the environmental management system established at the Sarajevo International Airport.


The Company's obligations defined in the environmental licence for 2012 issued by the Federal Ministry for environment and tourism have been fulfilled successfully.


P.C. "Sarajevo" International Airport LLC Sarajevo will keep informing the public on conditions regarding environment protection. We stay open for dialogue and co-operation with the public and appreciate your suggestions and comments.


Phone: 033/289-206

E-mail: spehilj@sarajevo-airport.ba


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