20.06.2011 Environmental Report 2010

This is the first official edition of annual report on environmental protection of P.C. “SARAJEVO” International Airport L.L.C (SIA).  A new approach to environmental protection at the airport started in 2009.  The very next year was introduced the environmental management system in compliance with requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001, certified by independent external experts. The same year SIA was issued the Environmental Permit by relevant Ministry.

As air traffic at SIA keeps growing, so do its potential impacts on the environment. In order to prevent negative effects of these impacts SIA established the environmental management system. Environmental policy imposes an obligation on continuous planning, implementation, testing and evaluation of effectiveness of all the actions aimed at protection of the environment through meeting the requirements stipulated in the international standards and legislative regulations.

The content of this report is based on proving the thoroughness, willingness and eagerness aimed at improvement of environmental protection at SIA, i.e. its sustainable development. One of our goals is to inform the community about environmental protection including all relevant details regarding established monitoring and achieved improvements.


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