Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
11:00 11:00 DOHA QR293
11:05 11:05 ISTANBUL TK1021
13:00 13:00 MUNICH
13:30 13:30 LJUBLJANA
14:10 14:10 VIENNA
14:40 14:40 BELGRADE
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Feb '19

Arrival of athletes at Sarajevo airport

At Sarajevo airport are arriving the athletes, their coaches, members of national teams and other foreign guests, technical staff and representative...


Feb '19

Olympic torch arrived in Sarajevo, 35 years after the '84 Winter Olympic Games

The flame of peace for EYOF 2019 (European Youth Olympic Festival) arrived in Sarajevo from Banja Luka by the Flybosnia plane, especially branded for ...


Jan '19

Another record year at Sarajevo International Airport

In 2018 Sarajevo International Airport had 1.046.635 passengers, what is the increase of 9.2 % in comparison with 2017. Most passengers were recorded ...

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