Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
13:05 14:30 LJUBLJANA JP700
13:15 13:08 DUBAI
14:20 14:20 VIENNA
14:45 15:30 BELGRADE
16:30 16:30 COLOGNE EW492
19:50 19:50 STUTTGART EW2496
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Oct '18

From today free WI-FI for one hour at departure gates

  In accordance with our users' and passengers' requirements and expectations, Sarajevo International Airport enables an hour long free WI-FI, s...


Sep '18

Continuation of successful cooperation among airports in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Monte Negro

Director of Sarajevo International Airport Armin Kajmaković met today in Belgrade with the general manager of AD Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade, Sa&sc...


Sep '18

Participants of GARD workshop visited Sarajevo International Airport

Participants of the workshop called “Get Airports Ready for Disaster – GARD“, organized by Deutsche Post DHL group and UN Developmen...

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