Cargo Services Sector, as an organizationl unit of the P.C. „SARAJEVO“ International Airport Ltd. Sarajevo provides the following services:

-          handling of goods and mail

-          handling of special shipments (DG, VAL, PER, etc.)

-          documentary handling

-          sales of air waybills

-          storage of imported goods (all shipments excluding animals (AVI)), mortal remains (HUM), radioactive material (RRY, RRW), valuables/money shipments (VAL),veterinary medicines. Ammunition can be stored only with approval of the Border Police Unit and Customs Office at Sarajevo Airport.

-          door-to-door delivery of goods by airport vehicles

Our partners are airlines (Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines,Pegasus airlines), forwarding agents, sales agents, courier services, diplomatic missions, etc.



E-mail: cargo@sarajevo-airport.ba


Phone numbers:


Manager of Cargo Service Sector:

Phone: +387 33 289 146
Fax:    +387 33 289 346 


Cargo Operative Staff Office

Phone: +387 33 289 142
Phone: +387 33 289 144
Fax: +387 33 289 145 


Sales, International Forwarding and Documentation Office

Phone: +387 33 289 340
Phone: +387 33 289 342 


Customs Bond Office

Phone: +387 33 289 341




Cargo Operative Staff: 08.00 - 22.00 hrs every day

Customs warehouse: Mon – Fri  08.00 – 17.00 hrs


Note:   In exceptional cases shipments may be taken over after working hours of Customs warhouse (medicines to be stored at certain temperature, diplomatic shipments or goods of exceptions importance) if a beneficiary or his authorized representative provides for Customs clearance.



Cargo Center floor surface is over 800 m² (including import and export area).  The premises are equipped with CCTV system for monitoring and control purposes.

Import area

-         Cooling chamber (+2°C - +8°C) of 20 m³ capacity

-          Freezing chamber (-20°C) of 7 m³ capacity

-          Dangerous goods (DG) storage area

-         Cabinet for storage of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

-          Cabinet for poison storage 

-          Scales up to 200 kg

-          Manual palleters

-          Palleter with electric scales of 2t capacity

-          Electric forklifts

-          Safes for valuables

Export area

-          X-ray machine for screening of shipments

-          Electric scales up to 5 t

-          Cargo troleys for transport of shipments

-          Parquet polishing brush



Cargo Operative Staff Office handles all kinds of goods being properly packed and supported by required Customs documents. 

To obtain approval for export or import or to book space in aircraft for special shipment like dangerous goods (ammunition), weapons (sport, hunting, etc.), it is necessary to make announcement and present all supporting documentation (permits) to the Cargo Center, Customs Office and Border Police Unit at Sarajevo Airport.

Mortal remains (HUM) must be supported with a „CONSIGNMENT NOTE“ – a document issued by Embassy or consulate.  





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