04.09.2017 The biggest ever monthly number of passengers in history of Sarajevo International Airport

Sarajevo International Airport handled 144.330 passengers in August, what is the biggest figure achieved in a month in history of this airport. What is more, this number makes the increase of even 22% in comparison with August last year.
Furthermore, last month there were 1.508 air traffic operations, what is for 20 % more than in the same month in the previous year. Speaking about cargo, last month was shipped the total of 217.745 kg of commercial cargo, i.e. 15% more than in August 2016.
In conclusion, Sarajevo International Airport registered 668.338 passengers in first eights month of the current year, what makes the increase of  14% in comparison with the same period last year and exceeds the total number of passengers handled in 2013.  In first 8 months of this year there were 8.776 operations, what is the growth of 14 %  ucompared with the same period last year. Regarding cargo, there were 2. 084 227 kg shipped what makes the increase of even 55 %  in comparison with last year figures for the same period.  Comparable data show that the increase registered by Sarajevo International Airport is among the biggest in the region.
Due to efforts of all its employees, Sarajevo International Airport successfully met challenges and tasks that inevitably go along with such a significant and quickened increase of number of passenger and flights.  It should be emphasized that the Airport’s Management continuously worked on extension and improvement of airport capacities to the extent being possible at the moment, as well as on attracting new airlines. Without such a strategy this increase would not be possible.  The strategy resulted in immaculate service rendered to passengers, airlines and other business partners.
In first seven months of this year already five new airlines started their operations from Sarajevo International Airport.  In that way the biggest BiH airport continues the impressive growth in all fields, and thus directly contributes to development of BiH economy and tourism building-up, but also offers wider choice to its citizens when they travel to destinations in Europe and the world.
Consequently, the Management of Sarajevo International Airport has been planning ambitious infrastructural projects and other investment,  all being aimed at further extension of capacities of Sarajevo International Airport and strengthening of a leading role of this company at BiH market.

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