01.11.2017 Fly Dubai connected Podgorica, Sarajevo and Dubai

Today at Sarajevo International Airport landed the “Flydubai“ aircraft for the first time on the air service Dubai-Sarajevo-Podgorica.
We remind you that “Flydubai“ has been connecting for almost three years Sarajevo and Dubai, and now added Podgorica to this line.
Flights will be taken twice a week.  Passengers will be able to fly between these cities on Wednesday and Saturday, and “Flydubai“ is entitled to sell tickets for partial journeys, too.  It means that those who want it, may fly to Podgorica and back only or from Montenegro capital to Dubai and back.
Scheduled air services Sarajevo – Dubai, on Monday and Friday, remain, while the route between the United Arab Emirates and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be supplemented by the new ones.
By establishing this service, “Flydubai“ for the first time in a rather long period connected Sarajevo and Podgorica.



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