10.11.2017 Increased number of passenger check-in counters and upgrade of baggage conveyor belts

In accordance with announcement regarding measures on extension of facilities and improvement of services of Sarajevo International Airport, works on increase of passenger check-in counters have been finished and conveyor belts extended and upgraded.

From earlier 12, the number of check-in counters has now been increased to 15, as well as additional two self- check-in counters installed. Another X-ray machine for baggage screening has been installed, too. The new configuration of the baggage conveyor system, with two conveyor belts, will significantly upgrade reliability of the system during its transport, sorting and loading on board.




During a month-long works, Sarajevo International Airport established necessary procedures and provided adequate human resources to assure smooth transport of baggage during execution of works and testing of the system, in order to be able to provide top quality services to our passengers.   

Given the exceptional and constant growth of number of passengers, air traffic operations and cargo, as well as the fact that Sarajevo International Airport is close to reach a million of passengers a year, this project is a preparatory activity within realization of the strategy called „Modernization and extension of Terminal B“.

Due to dedication of its employees, Sarajevo International Airport has always successfully coped with all challenges and tasks imposed by this significant and fast increase of number of passengers and flights and will continue to render best quality services to our passengers and business partners.

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