11.01.2018 The most successful year in history of Sarajevo International Airport

In 2017 Sarajevo International Airport registered 957.969 passengers, what makes the increase of 14% in comparison with 2016. Further, there were 12.775 air traffic operations, i.e.  12% more than in 2016, as well as 2.956.988 kg of cargo, what is 3% more than in the previous year.

Last year Sarajevo International Airport registered another two records.  So in July there were 140.025 passengers, what in history of the Airport makes the biggest increase ever of even 28% in comparison with the same month in the previous year.  The very next month, in August, we broke the record in respect of a number of passengers being processed in a month - 144.166 passengers – what is also the biggest figure ever in history of the Airport. And finally, three times in the previous year, also for the first time in history of Sarajevo International Airport, we registered more than 100.000 passengers a month.  For the sake of comparison, Sarajevo International Airport managed to handle 100.000 passengers in one month not earlier than in 2015.godine.

All these records resulted from sustained efforts aimed at bringing new airlines to Sarajevo International Airport that will start flying to new destinations, as well as to extend the supporting facilities and services.  Consequently, in 2017 six new carriers started flying from our Airport, and we are looking forward to continuation of such a trend so that we can already say that we will have more than a million of passengers in 2018.

This growth enables further development of Sarajevo and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an attractive tourist destination to which one can arrive from any continent with one transit stop only.

Such a growth requires a considerable extension of airport facilities. After demolition of the old Terminal building, we soon expect a start of works on extension of the existing Terminal and supporting facilities. Upon the end of the works, Sarajevo International Airport will have capacity to handle 2 million passengers a year, what will enable us to attract new airlines and introduce additional air services.

At the end of last year Sarajevo International Airport installed on trial use the Anti-fog system for dispersion of chilled fog using liquid propane.  By emission of eco-friendly chemical reagent, what the liquid propane is, the fog turns into ice particles, i.e. snow crystals that fall down in form of precipitation.  Furthermore, a training was organized for relevant employees, what should, together with the existing Instrumental Landing System, improve additionally conditions for safe landing and take-off of aircraft at Sarajevo International Airport.  

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