06.02.2018 Excellent beginning of the current year, 25% increase of passengers in comparison with January 2017

In January 2018 there were 919 air traffic operations what is 28% more than in January last year. Also, there were 54 147 passengers, i.e. almost 11.000 or 25% more than in comparison with the same month last year.
It isn't only the biggest increase recorded out of summer season but it is very close to the growth recorded in the midst of last summer season, when in July the number of passengers increased for 28% compared to the same month in 2016.
In addition, in January was handled 154 279 kg of cargo, what makes the 13% growth in comparison with January in the previous year.
All these figures indicate that the air traffic growth being recorded by Sarajevo International Airport will continue in 2018, too and thus enable us to break many records, including 1 million passengers.

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