06.02.2018 Sarajevo International Airport and PI The Library of the city of Sarajevo promote the culture of reading

On satisfaction of passengers, PI The Library of the city of Sarajevo  once again supplemented book totals with interesting titles (like Harry Potter, Dan Brown's titles, etc.), on Book-crossing stands placed at departure gates of Sarajevo International Airport.

To enrich the book totals for passengers and contribute to the reading culture, the Airport employees have also donated books on several occasions so far.

We would like to remind you that a year ago Sarajevo International Airport and PI The Library of the city of Sarajevo launched a joint cultural project – Book crossing, that has long been popular at airports worldwide. By doing this the airport wanted to provide as good service as possible to the passenger while they wait for their flights and also to promote reading culture.
Passengers may read book at airports while waiting for boarding, or take them on the aircraft and upon landing leave the books at any other airport in the world.
Passenger may also leave at our airport their own books or those taken from other airports.



The books are available in different languages, including BiH official languages, and offering titles for all ages.
This "flying library" is a part of the global project called Book-crossing -"Flying book" to which Sarajevo International Airport included as the first airport in BiH, in order to boost reading habits.

The Book-crossing's idea is that books should be free instead of being „imprisoned“ on shelves where  they are available to several persons only.

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