30.11.2010 The 2010 award for best web page in B&H

Last evening the WebAward.Me 2010 presentation ceremony was held in „Kamerni teatar 55“.  Out of 175 registered web pages in 90 days, in 17 categories, the Nomination Committee consisting of prof. Dr. Samir Ribić, prof. Dr. Ferid Softić, Robert Cvrtak, Azem Husrep, Bruno Omerović, Gordan Memija, Bernard Pavlinović and Adnan Budimlić chose 3 finalists in each category and voted the best.

In category called PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION the nominees were as follows: 1. www.voders.org, 2. www.sarajevo-airport.ba, 3. www.fipa.gov.ba.

It gives us joy to hear that the award went to the official page of the Sarajevo International Airport www.sarajevo-airport.ba.





Being really happy that competent people recognized and awarded our quality, we are aware of our responsibility and obligation to prove worthy of their confidence and continue to be even better in the future.

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