Carrier Sched Est Destination Flight no Remark
19:45 20:58 STUTTGART EW2496
20:15 20:53 ISTANBUL
21:20 21:15 COPENHAGEN SK2287
21:30 21:39 VIENNA
22:50 22:50 ZAGREB OU342
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Jul '18

Employees of Sarajevo International Airport will be wearing the “Srebrenica flower“ this year, too in memory of the genocide in Srebrenica

Like many other institutions in the country and all over the world, Sarajevo International Airport is going to mark a sad anniversary of the genocide ...


Jun '18

Centrotours started summer season: First charter flight from Sarajevo to Antalya

In organization of the travel agency Centrotours first charter plane today took off from Sarajevo International Airport to Antalya.  The Atlas Gl...


Jun '18

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